On September 20, 2019, the next meeting of Support to Javakheti Foundation’s Youth Committee took place with Ashot Melqonyan, the cofounder of SJF, member of the Board of Trustees, director of History Institute of RA National Academy of Science.

During the meeting with the yoth, A. Melqonyan noted that, in his view, the open-mindedness and reasoning of the youth are essential factors in shaping a worldview, and there is no need to imitate one’s point of view, but rather have doubts about speech and knowledge, because only then can knowledge be developed.  

Mr Melkonyan expressed his enthusiasm for the students, the youth and their strong minds, emphasizing the fact that in the most desperate situations the youth offers and finds a way out.

Mr Melkonyan answered the blitz questions prepared by the Committee so frankly that the audience in the hall got excited and moved to their childhood. The honour and love of parents have a strong and stable place in the heart of the speaker, and that is the key to his success and the source of his achievements. Melkonian’s childhood has passed in Javakhk, the waters of the Akhalkalaki Taparvan River and Chubaret forests are his brightest memories.

The speaker’s powerful thoughts, exhortations and advice helped the youth to rethink their values and overcome the difficulties of life with an honest heart and proudly.

Anyway, he does not give her daughter advice because he thinks that children should learn from their parents’ actions, not “lectures.”

Above all, Mr Melkonyan is a man who loves his homeland and is proud to be an Armenian.

02 October 2019