In accordance with the Economic Development Mission of Javakheti adopted by the ‘Support to Javakheti’ Foundation and  according to the arrangements made during the Armenian-Georgian inter-governmental committee and the summit of businessmen held in June in Dilijan on August 10, with the personal funds of Sos Sahakyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, a bakery was opened in Damala village, Aspindza region. The bakery already has 10 employees, the number will become 30 in a year.

During the opening ceremony, Sos Sahakyan announced that the profits from the bakery production will be directed to the financing of charity and investment projects in Javakheti, particularly in the village of Damala.

On the same day in Damala, there was also the house-blessing ceremony of the house built by Mr Sahakyan. 52 years later, Sos Sahakyan’s desire to have a home in his hometown again came true, becoming another link connecting the great benefactor with his native region- Javakheti.
Also Sos Sahakyan’s 70th birthday was celebrated in the new house.

14 August 2019