On 8-11 August 2019 ‘Javakhk: World of Colors’ festival was organized by the ‘Support to Javakheti’ Foundation and the Student Council of the Armenian Diaspora with the support of the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport.

During the first days of the plenum-festival, 30 young Armenian and Georgian artists from Tbilisi, Akhaltsikhe, Akhalkalaki, Ninotsminda, Yerevan, Abovyan, Hrazdan and Gyumri were divided into four groups and visited attractions and historical and cultural monuments of Javakheti (Abul Mountain, Parvana Lake, Tmbka Fortress, Khertviz Fortress, Tashvanka Fortress, Akhalkalaki Fortress, Vardzia, Tumas Bridge, Jivani House Museum, St. John the Baptist Church, Rabat fortress) with their leaders – Javakhkian painters Viktor Hovhannisyan, Alexander Igitkhanyan, Mnatsakan Ghalachyan and Hamlet Aroyan and painted the wonderful nature of Javakheti, participated in masterclasses conducted by the masters, acquiring theoretical and practical in-depth knowledge and had an effective exchange of experience and contributed to increase of awareness of cultural monuments, sightseeings and cultural life of the region.

On August 11, the Akhaltsikhe Vahram Gayfejyan Union of Artists hosted the exhibition of the ‘Javakhk: World of Colors’ plenum-festival, which was attended by the delegation of the ‘Support to Javakheti’ Foundation headed by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Sos Sahakyan and numerous guests from Armenia, Georgia and Russia.

“It is not an accident that this festival is taking place in Akhaltsikhe. Here were born such famous Armenian painters as Vardges Surenyants, Vahram Gayfechyan, Hakob Kojoyan and others. In Javakheti the annual festivals of song and poetry- “Jivani and Teryan Days” have already become a tradition. We have decided that there should also be a festival of fine arts, and we hope that it will also become an annual tradition,” said Sos Sahakyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the ‘Support to Javakheti’ Foundation.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Sos Sahakyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the ‘Support to Javakheti’ Foundation, the young artists painted his portrait on canvas and presented it to him.

At the end of the exhibition, the participants of the plenum- festival received diplomas, and the three most prominent artists received encouraging awards.

The project was supported by the Association of Young Artists of Javakheti, the Akhaltsikhe Vahram Gayfejyan Union of Artists, the Samtskhe-Javakheti Public Development Association and the ‘Ardzagank’ Armenian Community Platform.

12 August 2019