On 7-17 August 2019 at Jivani House-Museum with the support of the ‘Support to Javakheti’ Foundation designer-stylist Susanna Karapetyan delivered carpet -weaving courses.
The aim of the course was to foster the rise of interest in carpet- weaving, the propagation of the handicraft and also the transmission of the experience and knowledge of the folk masters gained with hard work to the next generations.
The course consisted of three stages- study of Armenian ornaments, carpet- weaving and tapestry.
During the course the participants studied the Armenian ornamental art, which is definitely one of the brightest expressions of the cultural identity of the Armenian people. The participants got acquainted with types of Armenian ornaments- plant, geometric, animal, fabric, also with the principles of their design and colours.
At the end of the course the participants represented the carpets made by them and gifted them to the house-museum.

19 August 2019