“We are our borders. All for Artsakh” nationwide fundraising campaign.

Dear compatriots of Javakhk from all over the world. Today, at this decisive moment, when our hero boys are fighting against the enemy on the battlefield, it is the obligation of each of us to unite and have our own contribution in the ensuring and establishing the final victory. Many of our compatriots already have expressed their willingness to support this campaign. Your support will be more useful and desirable, if provide monetary assistance. Dear compatriots, we urge you all to donate to this much-needed pan-Armenian initiative and by this way to support Artsakh and The Artsakh Defense Army. Have your own contribution in a nationwide fundraising campaign “We are our borders. All for Artsakh” . You can make your donations on the Fund’s website at  www.himnadram.org  as well as by making transfers to special accounts of the Central Bank of Armenia (AMD, USD, RUB, Euro accounts on the same page). For money transfers: For transfers in AMD RA, Central Bank of Armenia RA,  Yerevan, V. Sargsyan  6, 0010 Tel.number  103003240159 (AMD) The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund For transfers in EURO Correspondent bank: Commerzbank, Frankfurt SWIFT code: COBADEFF Beneficiary’s Bank: Acc. No: 400886424101 EUR Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia SWIFT (BIC) code: CBRAAM22 Beneficiary: Acc. 103003249150 All-Armenian Fund For transfers in USD Correspondent Bank: JPM Chase Bank N.A., New York SWIFT code: CHASUS33 Beneficiary’s Bank: Acc. No: 001-1-010782 Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia SWIFT (BIC) code: CBRAAM22 Beneficiary: Acc. 103003241157 All-Armenian Fund РФ перевод в рублях Банк корреспондент: Межгосударственный Банк, Москва БИК 044525362 К/с 30101810800000000362 в ОПЕРЫ Московского ГТУ Банка России Банк получателя К/с 30111810400000000002 Центральный Банк Республики Армения ИНН 9909106378 КПП 774487001 Общеармянский фонд Получатель Счет: 103003248152 And all those who plan to provide non-monetary assistance; we express our readiness to assist in the implementation of these initiatives.   ”Support to Javakheti” Foundation

“Be honest in all cases.” “The Path of the Past” with Sergey Vantsyan

On May 8, the Youth Committee of  ‘Support to Javakhk’ Foundation hosted the meeting of the "The Path of the Past" program with Sergey Vantsyan, this time on the online platform. The day of the meeting was not chosen by chance, as Mr. Vantsyan had a key contribution to the victory of the Artsakh war, especially in the liberation of Shushi. After all, the transfer of people, weapons, ammunition, medicine and food from Armenia to Artsakh depended on him and other devotees of Armenian civil aviation. "The victory of Artsakh changed our psychology, proving that when we are together, we can win, even be an aggressor, if we are forced to." He became interested in aviation when he met with the head of the Tbilisi airport Lavrenti Mkrtchyan. "A person working in the field of aviation must be professional, knowledgeable and honest, be able to understand aviation psychology." Although the war was the most difficult stage of his life, he remembers every episode with pride.   ‘During the war, I never forced pilots to fly, I said, "That's the mission, can you complete  it?". And I've almost always flown with them, 3-4 times a day. In those days, we never had to land because of technical problems, because we realized that in any case, the flight must be safe. " The best advice for young people is not to leave Javakhk, to be patriotic, to stay firmly rooted and to cultivate the native land.

The new collection of poems entitled ”The Songs of Javakhk” by Tadevos Palyan has been published

Tadevos Palyan- the beloved pedagogue and poet has published his new collection of poems named ''The Songs of Javakhk''. The book includes the new poems of the author dedicated to his motherland and its nature filled with a feeling of unconditional love. Tadevos Palyan was born in 1950 in the Bughashen village of Javakheti. He graduated from the Pedagocial University of Kirovakan. He is the director of the Bughashen public school more than 30 years. The Palyans family has donated a number of the collection of peoms to the ''Support to javakheti'' Foundation.

The ”Support to Javakheti” Foundation will help to prepare for the tests for acquiring the Georgian citizenship

[ENG] Attention, Dear citizens, if your Georgian citizenship has been lost and you want to restore it, you should pass the test of the Georgian language according to the Georgian law. In order to prepare for the test you can apply to the Akhalkalaki office of 'Support to Javakheti' Foundation (address Tsereteli 34, Akhalkalaki, Georgia). The specialists will help you to prepare for the test, will do requiring translations and fill your applications. For further information, please call +995 51 08 64 52 or write to the following e-mail address: [email protected] [GEO] ყურადღება, ძვირფასო მოქალაქეებო, თუ შეგიწყდათ საქართველოს მოქალაქეობა და გსურთ მოქალაქეობის აღდგენა, საქართველოს კანონმდებლობის თანახმად მოგეთხოვებათ სახელმწიფო ენის- ქართულის ცოდნის ტესტის ჩაბარება. ტესტისთვის მოსამზადებლად შეგიძლიათ მოგვმართოთ ,,ჯავახეთის მხარდაჭერის” ფონდის ახალქალაქის ოფისს (მისამართი: საქართველო, ქ. ახალქალაქი, წერეთლის ქ. 34). პროფესიონალები დაგეხმარებიან რათა მოემზადოთ ტესტისთვის, შეასრულებენ ყველა საჭირო თარგმანს და შეადგენენ თქვენს განცხადებებს. დაწვრილებითი ინფორმაციისათვის შეგიძლიათ დაგვირეკოთ ტელეფონის ნომერზე: +995 51 08 64 52 ან მოგვწეროთ ელ.ფოსტაზე: [email protected]  

New ”ArMat” laboratory has been opened in Akhaltsikhe. a new future without emigration

In Akhaltsikhe on November 1 was a festival. Foundation support to Javakhheti  Georgia's  2nd Office and ''ArMat''  4th  Engineering Laboratory has been opened. From now on  Akhaltsikhe children will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with information technology, engineering and mathematics in a well-equipped and up-to-date educational environment. English classes will also be held for Javakheti children at the Foundation support to Javakhheti’s office. The project to establish the ''ArMat'' Engineering Laboratory in Akhaltsikhe was funded by the ‘’Hrayr and Anna Hovnanyan’’  Foundation. The ''Armat'' Program in Javakhk is being implemented in Georgia by the ''Javakheti Support''  Foundation in partnership with the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises. In the opening ceremony was attended many guests from Armenia and Georgia. Also were present a delegation of the ''Foundation support to Javakhheti''  and the UATE, A group of memberrs of Parlament  from "My Step" and "Bright Armenia" political fractions, representatives of local authorities and clergy, businessmen, public and cultural figures. In his speech Chairman of the Board of Trustees  ''Javakheti Support''  Foundation Sos Sahakyan said in that Georgian children can also attend this center. “With the Georgian representative we have repeatedly discussed the issue of introducing the ''ArMat'' education programm into Georgian schools. It is also fully translated and adapted for Georgian children. While the discussions are in process, ''Javakheti Support''  Foundation is taking the first step. In Akhaltsikhe's ''ArMat'' center a Georgian group will also operate, where Georgian children can attend. I am sure that  in future we will have an opportunity to rejoice the success of our two nations children. We attach great importance  this program, because leading-edge technologies play a crucial role in the modern world, and in our small Christian island, where Armenians and Georgians live as a neighbor, the main wealth is person and the human mind. ''   The head of  "Bright Armenia" Parliamentary Group  Edmon Marukyan welcomed the residents of Javakhk and expressed the hope that the establishment of such centers would become another link connecting children and community with their country and would no longer have to travel to big cities to get to know the modern world of technology. Coordinator of ''ArMat'' Engineering Laboratories Sedrak Vardanyan conveyed the greetings of Director of the Company Karen Vardanyan and assured that ''ArMat'' Engineering Laboratories, in addition to addressing children's educational and future professional orientation, can also help address the common problem of demographic and regional demographics. The opening ceremony continued with the cultural part. The clergymen held a ceremony, after which the students of the "ArMat" laboratories of Javakhk presented their works.