The first “ArMat” center was opened in Tsalka

IMG_6449On May 21, the village of Ozni in the Tsalka region was full of people. The opening of the first "ArMat" center in the region united the Armenian-Georgian officials, the representatives of the education and culture spheres in one place. The executive director of the "Support to Javakhk" foundation Samvel Mkoyan mentioned: "The foundation attaches great importance to the development of the IT sphere". IMG_8733In 2018, the "Support to Javakhk" Foundation together with the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises, with the funding of individual benefactors and organizations, brought the "ArMat" project to Javakhk.  There are already 10 "ArMat" centers in Javakhk,  and this is the first center in Tsalka region of Kvemo Kartli province, where about 60 children are already studying. We develop and implement our programs in coordination with local governments. "Analyzing the needs, we realized that it is necessary to introduce the" ArMat "center in the Tsalka region, which contributes not only to the development of children, but also to the Georgian economy," - said Mr. Mkoyan. The program to create ArmMat in Ozni was implemented by the "Support to Javakhk" Foundation, "H. Hovnanyan Family ”Foundation,  in partnership with the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises  and with the financial support of benefactor Razmik Blikyan. IMG_8861The executive director of the "H. Hovnanyan Family" foundation Naira Melikyan mentioned that the "ArMat" center in Ozni is already the third one that was established in cooperation with the "Support to Javakhk" Foundation. "Based on the factors of upbringing the generation and uniting them around the right idea, we realized that the best investment is the financing of the "ArMat" center in Javakhk. It was necessary to create a center with which youngs and teenagers will connect their future and prospects", - said Mrs. Melikyan. The "ArMat" center in Ozni operates in Armenak Avagyan's house, which he provided for free, and the renovation and construction was carried out by benefactor Razmik Blikyan from Ozni. 281777120_540770134208233_8908908775572905291_nAccording to Mr. Blikyan, the development of the IT sphere proceeds from the requirements of the time. “This is the reason why we, togheter "Support to Javakhk" Foundation pushed for this important initiative, which has already found a great response. I should mention that the number of children studying here is more than those who attend school. The children of the neighboring villages attend the "ArMat" center in Ozni, which is very encouraging”, - said Mr. Blikyan. "Children learn programming, robotics և 3D modeling, which are among the most popular professions of the future", said Sedrak Vardanyan, head of the "ArMat" program, and answered a question:
  • At what age can children attend the center? - 10 to 99 year olds can attend the center, and learn the most demanded professions of the time.
IMG_8768Armenian Ambassador to Georgia Ruben Sadoyan was present at the event, who mentioned that the opening of such educational centers is of national importance, as it is very possible to create additional opportunities for local youth to be educated and work on the spot. "People shouldn't emigrate from here, because they don't have the opportunity for education and work, on the contrary, they should stay there, study, work and they  should prosper the region," said Mr. Sadoyan. IMG_8786 Also present were Tsalka Deputy Mayors Anzor Khinikadze and Feukhar Paraskov, who expressed their joy and excitement over the opening of the center, and they announced on behalf of the Tsalka mayor that they wanted to have a similar center in Tsalka. The goal of the program is to promote the development of technological education in Javakhk, the expansion of technological employment, additional economic activity, job creation, as well as the prospects of not leaving the homeland. Gor Simonyan is one of the young people who has the opportunity to stay and work in his native village. “In a center like no other in the region, children are cut off from the traditional notions of the lesson process, they can go after their imagination, give color, thought and volume to all their ideas. I am not so much a teacher-student relationship with children as a friend. And I will try to help the children attending the center with my knowledge to make reality all the ideas they had before”. Said the young conductor of the center Gor Simonyan.  

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