“Support to Javakhk Foundation’s” benefactor Razmik Blikyan

On the initiative of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises, the educational program for the introduction of "Armat" engineering laboratories has been implemented since 2011. The Armenian model of technological education is already being exported abroad. According to the latest data, 16,000 children receive free engineering education in 600 "Armat" engineering laboratories in Armenia, also in Artsakh, in Georgia and in India. Thanks to the efforts of the "Support to Javakhk" Foundation և individual benefactors, there are already nine "Armat" engineering laboratories in Javakhk, the number of which is growing. Just a few days ago, in the Tsalka region of Georgia's Kvemo Kartli region, in the village of Ozni or Hinia, 30 km west of Tsalka,  began working a new Armat Center with the financial support of philanthropist Razmik Blikyan. In "Armat" engineering laboratories, beautifully furnished and equipped with modern technical means, children aged 10-18 will study the secrets of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through interactive extracurricular courses, interesting competitions, camps, will have the opportunity to create and initiate. The "Armat" center established by Razmik Blikyan in his birthplace, Ozni, will gladly provide its services to the children and teenagers of the villages around Ghushchi, Ghzlkilisa (Karmravank), Burnashet, Ayazma, Nardevan, located around the village. It is a holiday in Ozni, Ghushchi, Ghzlkilisa, Burnashet, Ayazma, Nardevan villages... Let the Armenian child be smart, live in a peaceful world, learn and build the homeland… We are grateful… The already existing results of the "Armat" program are as follows. Project participants:
  • 84% have been admitted to a higher education institution.
  • 39% work and study.
  • 45% of those employed are involved in the field of programming, 29% in other fields of information technology, many perform engineering and technical work.
  • 12% of employers have started startups with their ideas.
  • The salaries of the employees range from 50 to 300 thousand AMD, making an average of 132,561 AMD.
The results-facts are so satisfying and telling that the "Armat" program will continue to operate, expanding in scale. The activity of benefactor Razmik Blikyan has a long history He has lived in the Russian Federation since he was 16 years old. Studied at GV Plekhanov University of Economics. Studied at the Russian Presidential Academy. At the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, he received an invitation to continue his postgraduate studies with honors. Razmik Blikyan has a "Candidate of Economic Sciences" degree. He received a degree in Business Management in the Skolkovo Innovative Scientific Center in Moscow. Razmik Blikyan worked tirelessly and with love, investing and founding for Armenians. The current fruits of his constant patriotic activity are:
  • Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church was built in Vladimir, where a priest was transferred from Armenia to serve. The Armenian Church awarded the "Razmik Miasnik Blikyan" family with the highest order of honor "St. Gregory the Illuminator", which is awarded by the Holy Epistle of the Catholicos of All Armenians in commemoration of the great beneficences rendered to the Armenian Church, the Armenian people and the world of Armenia.
  • Permanent assistance to Artsakh in material and military-technical form.
  • Supported in 2008 The program "700 Weddings in Artsakh" organized by the benefactor Leon Hayrapetyan in the historical Gandzasar in ancient Shushi, near Stepanakert, the capital of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, on October 16. The beautiful condition voiced by R. Blikian, "The first of the newlyweds, who will have 3 children, will get an apartment," stimulated the surprisingly rapid growth of the number of children. And the condition, of course, has been met.
  • Construction of cultural monuments
  • Renovation of schools and kindergartens
  • Implementation of numerous educational programs
  • Creating hundreds of jobs in the field of capital construction in these difficult days for Armenia
  • Solving communication problems of gas and water pipes in remote regions
  • Providing enormous material resources during the 44-day Artsakh war
  • In his birthplace, 1830. In the village of Ozni, founded by Armenians who emigrated from Erzurum, where at first there were only nine houses, now has more than a hundred families, about 500 inhabitants
  • Construction of a banquet hall, renovation of St. Gregory the Illuminator Church in the village and secondary school after E. Charents
Razmik Blikyan pursues a nationalist policy with the Support to Javakhk Foundation.
  • He now sponsors the process of resettlement of citizens who arrived in Armenia due to the Russian-Ukrainian war.
  • The Goris-Nakhichevan highway gas pipeline repair project is currently being implemented.
  • Large-scale investment development programs are being implemented: "Broiler poultry complex", "Ramada Resort Spa Hotel", "Hotel-resort complex", "Logistics center", "Intensive parks"…
P.S. I really like the "straight look, straight word" of the people of Javakhk attribute to which one is added, "As if they are looking for each other" I am like that myself. And I will explain now. Everywhere, on the street, in the store, on the subway, on the bus, if I hear a word, not even addressed to him, that he betrays him even a little, I quickly ask: "Are you from Javakhk?" And introduce ourselves just as quickly. We quickly tell each other about ourselves, try to find common acquaintances, pass on new information. It is very nice. "Seek and find each other." It is already a delicate part of the character of every Javakhk citizen, who will definitely live. Another crucial moment happened to me this year, on January 12, in a locked room, sitting at a large desk. A conversation with Razmik Blikyan, which passed so lightly and easily that it became a conversation with relatives. the same land and water, the same mindset, the same pain and love, the same expectation and faith. Razmik Miasnik Blikyan։ A person who is from Javakhk, lived and lives far away, but is in his birthplace with a mind, with a heartfelt word born of that thought, who is there with an initiative that will definitely become a business, who is there with far-reaching plans․ Far-reaching programs! far in scale, in time, in expected results, definitely in longevity. Far-reaching programs! "Jobs", "Economic growth", "Raising living standards", "Prosperity of the Motherland".

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