Electronic fundraising “Javakhk Believes in New Year Miracles”

It is very important for each person to contribute to the development of their homeland. And what can you do by making a donation starting from 100 drams?
  • You can bring the dream of a child living in a remote village of Javakhk studying in "ArMat" closer to reality.
  • You can persuade a socially disadvantaged elderly person to believe in the magic and miracles of the holiday.
  • You can give a young man the opportunity to stay in his own village, and build his future and dreams there.
  • You can contribute to the construction of houses-museums of famous, the revitalization of cultural life and the formation of a proper attitude towards our elders.
  • You can make people have warm, beautiful and memorable moments in the coldest winter.
Make a donation so that the children can continue to dream, believe in dreams and miracles. And miracles, of course, happen, especially on New Year. You can make a donation by clicking the DONATE.  

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