Vahan Teryan’s exhibition hall opened in Javakhk

On August 1, the air in the village of Gandza Javakhka was full of Teryan, everyone was talking and living with Teryan's poetry. Teryan is always present in Gandza, but it was a very strong and special occasion to remember him. The restored exhibition hall of the house-museum of the famous Armenian poet, lyric poet, public and political figure Vahan Teryan has opened in the village of Gandza. In 2019, during the Teryan Day, the delegation of the Support to Javakheti Foundation announced that it was going to initiate the restoration of the Vahan Teryan House-Museum, since it is in a deplorable state. And, despite the fact that 2020 was full of difficulties, in the conditions of the system and war, the Foundation was able to implement the program. The restoration of the exhibition hall of the Vahan Teryan House-Museum lasted about a year. The program will be implemented in three stages. At the first stage, it was planned to restore the exhibition hall of the house-museum, which today opened its doors to the public. At the second stage, it is planned to organize the restoration of the memorial part, at the third stage, the entire complex will be restored. 228919176_557435152274144_376898899800019948_n-1024x768During the event, the Executive Director of the Foundation Samvel Mkoyan stated that they are announcing the start of work on the restoration of the memorial site of the house-museum of the second stage of the program, and also urged everyone to join the initiative and contribute to this cause. "More than 100 thousand lari were spent on the restoration of the exhibition hall of the Vahan Teryan House-Museum. The restoration of the memorial part involves much higher costs, and we expect that we will receive support from both the governments of Georgia and Armenia, and it will become one of the most important programs implemented joint Armenian-Georgian efforts ". 51349856151_06ec255043_cThe restored exhibition hall of the house-museum is distinguished by rich and beautiful design solutions, a three-level exposition, as it is equipped with innovations characteristic of the 21st century. In the newly opened exhibition hall, Teryan is presented to all of us in a new way, in other dimensions. Here Teryan also comes to life through the ARLOOPA app.   Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia Arayik Khzmalyan noted that he is very glad that such an attractive cultural environment has been created in Gandza. 229874874_434165724383010_4623346209228607077_n-1024x768“In the 21st century, it is very important that knowledge about history, literature and any information in general be transmitted to adolescents and children in a modern form. In other words, as important as the culture is, it is just as important to present that culture in an interesting way. We have a successful experience of educational and cultural programs in Armenia, which we hope to soon implement in this newly opened exhibition hall. " During the event, Armen Mkoyan, Murad Malkhasyan and Vahagn Rash performed musical numbers. The chairman of the board of trustees of the foundation Sos Sahakyan recalls that he first visited the Teryan House-Museum in 1965 and left it with great impressions. 194751“As an adult, during subsequent visits, I realized that Teryan and his activities are much ahead and higher than the museum provides the presentation and popularization of this case. Teryan, his activities and poetry are of national importance, so we took upon ourselves the restoration of the exhibition hall of the house-museum to the highest standards of that time. " The Foundation will carry out a complete restoration of the house-museum, so that our great poet, lyric poet, social and political figure Vagan Teryan has a house-museum worthy of his name, which will become one of the important tourist spots. The authors of the architectural and construction project of the Vahan Teryan house-museum are Honored Architect of the Republic of Armenia Hovhannes Mutafyan and architect Shahane Gevorgyan The authors of the external-internal design and content concept: Literary critic: Ani Yeghiazaryan Artist: Mkrtich Matevosyan

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