The number of “Armats” in Javakhk reached 7

214205531_173079304855129_4378916552890101278_n-1In Javakhk, the day turns into a holiday when a new educational or cultural institution opens. July 12 and 13 were festive, as two new engineering laboratories "Armat" were opened, the first in the city of Ninotsminda and the second in the village of Olaverd, Akhalkalaki region. The project to create "Armat" in Ninotsminda is being implemented by the Support to Javakheti Foundation (benefactors Armen and Tatul Garslyan) in partnership with the Rafael Javakh Karslyan Educational, Cultural and Youth Center of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Union of Advanced Technologies Enterprises. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the foundation Sos Sahakyan noted that the foundation has a wide range of activities, one of which is educational and cultural.

218083043_853301715584491_1023200088967170034_n“The opening of another Armat is of great and important importance for us. We have high hopes for the children who will study here. They need to master science and technology in order to adequately present themselves to the world, to take our place and position. I am convinced that children studying in Armat should make a great contribution to the economic strengthening of Georgia and to the noble work of representing Javakhk, as well as to the preservation of the Armenian identity, ”said Mr. Sahakyan.

According to Armen Garslyan, the benefactor of the Ninotsminda "ArMat" laboratory, the most dangerous thing in the world is an ignorant person, therefore the existence and role of such educational institutions is very important. 218464259_342740800890839_8207699737916256197_n-1024x683“One of our goals is to prevent the residents of Javakhk from going abroad to earn money, but in the modern information world, even in the most remote village, they earn money sitting at home. And Armat laboratories will contribute to this ”.

According to Sedrak Vardanyan, head of the ArMat engineering laboratories program, laboratories solve many problems in Javakhk. “Laboratories solve not only vocational guidance, but also socio-economic problems. By teaching in these laboratories, children can further secure their prosperous future by having the necessary professions. “We set a task both in Armenia and in Javakhk to make Armat accessible to all children of all communities,” said Mr. Vardanyan and expressed hope that by the end of the year the number of laboratories in Javakhk will reach 10.

217474028_1699351096932662_511112530609184971_n-1024x683Executive Director of the Fund Samvel Mkoyan noted with pleasure that 150 children have already been registered to visit the ArMat laboratory in Ninotsminda. “Of course, we were pleasantly surprised. Instead of the original six computers, we installed ten computers here, on which children in several shifts will get acquainted with technology, robotics, 3D modeling, animation and game creation. " Samvel Mkoyan called on all residents of Javakhk to join this initiative to help ArMat laboratories reach their communities and villages. The official opening was attended by members of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, benefactors and officials. It should be noted that "Armat" will work in the building of the Raphael Javakh Karslian Educational, Cultural and Youth Center in Ninotsminda. The next day, July 217272342_1072370213170811_1919414532842582947_n-1024x102413, in the village of Olaverd, Akhalkalaki region, the official opening of the "ArMat" laboratory took place. The foundation program of Armat in Olaverd is carried out by the Support to Javakheti Foundation (sponsored by philanthropists from Olaverd, headed by the Foundation's representative in Perm, Grigor Tashchyan) in partnership with the Union of Advanced Technologies Enterprises. Grigor Tashchyan, who was born in Olaverd, has not lived in the village for about fifty years, but not only did he not forget his native village and roots, but also contributed to the opening of the “Armat” laboratory in the village. “I am grateful to all the benefactors with whom we financed the“ Armat ”project in the village. I assure you that this will not be our last charity event, we will continue to do everything so that the residents of Olaverd have a prosperous life and prospects to stay and live in the village, ”said Mr. Tashchyan.

In the course of two events, pupils of the "Armat" laboratories already operating in Javakhk with special pavilions presented their achievements over the years - robots made by their own hands, games and animations. 214747781_333241554939790_344376066363113262_n-1024x683In engineering laboratories "Armat" children 10-18 years old get acquainted with science, technology, engineering and mathematics through interactive extracurricular activities, interesting contests, innovative camps. Thanks to this program, the world of modern technology and science opens its doors to the children of the region. By the way, training in the "Armat" laboratories is free. The goal of the program is to promote the development of technology education in Javakhk, the expansion of technological employment, additional economic activity and the creation of jobs, prospects for staying at home.

In the near future, at the initiative of the fund, it is planned to open two more laboratories "Armat" in the villages of Bezhano, Akhalkalaki region and Gushchi, Tsalka region.

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