The restoration works of the exhibition hall of the V. Teryan House-Museum are coming to an end

At the initiative of the Support to Javakheti Foundation, restoration work is being completed on the exhibition hall of the V. Teryan house-museum in the village of Gandza, Ninotsminda region. It should be noted that the father's house of V. Teryan, which since 1957 was turned into a museum, was on the verge of collapse. The goal of the project is to create a museum named after the great poet, which will become the hallmark of the village of Gandza. At the first stage, the museum's exhibition hall is being restored, then the memorial part. If you do not want to be left out of this patriotic cause, you can donate and contribute. Please be informed that the names of those who donated more than $ 1000 will be displayed in the exhibition hall. Below we also present a video of the project of the exhibition hall of the V. Teryan House-Museum. To make a donation, follow the following link:

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