A series of trainings “Education as a visiting card” has started in the village of Kulikam

On June 19, at the initiative of the Youth Commission of the Fund "Support for Javakheti", a series of trainings "Education as a calling card" for children under 16 years old was launched in the Youth Center of the village of Kulikam, Akhalkalaki region. The purpose of the program is to introduce children to the activities of the Armat laboratories in Javakhk, to inform them about various educational institutions, programs and opportunities, as well as to emphasize the importance of education through various thematic trainings and to help children choose a profession. On June 19, Armen Grigoryan, director of the Georgian branch of the Support for Javakheti Foundation, told Kulikam's children about the foundation's activities, programs, the Board of Trustees and benefactors. Margarita Javardzhyan, head of the "Armat" engineering laboratory in Akhalkalaki, acquainted the participants with the activities of the "Armat" laboratories and the prospects that open up for children studying in Armat. After the training, the children received answers to their questions. As a result of the training, 4 children from the village of Kulikam have already expressed a desire to attend the courses of the Armat laboratory in Akhalkalak, and many hope that a laboratory will open in the village of Kulikam in the near future.

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