On June 2, 2019, a celebration dedicated to the International Day for Protection of Children took place at Yerevan Chocolate Factory with the support of Support to Javakheti Foundation.

Armenian traditional music, heroes of Armenian folk tales, other traditional characters and games set the mood for the event. Besides, there was also a performance of Nazar the Brave fairy tale, which was enthusiastically welcomed by the playful children. Moreover, the dinosaurs at the crossroads of the old and new provided children with positive smiles and emotions.

Children from orphanages, vulnerable families, Javakheti, factory employees’ children and the ones living in adjacent territory, attended the event and  their bright day ended with small gifts.

This universal day is celebrated all over the world and again shows that all the children of the planet have the right to have a peaceful, happy, careless and bright childhood.

The event was also supported by Sovrano, Vidis Distribution, Distrimex, Unicorn Trade.

03 June 2019