On April 12, the regular meeting of Path of the Past programme, organised by the Youth Commission of Support to Javakheti Foundation, was held with Vagharshak Meyroyan, the financial director օf French University in Armenia, a board member of Support to Javakheti Foundation.

Economist, musician and painter, as well as a great patriot Vagharshak Meyroyan mentioned that  part of his everyday life consists of communicating and collaborating with young people and he attached great importance to this fact.

Speaking about the foundation of French University in Armenia, the speaker mentioned that since childhood he loved French culture, dreamed of seeing France, having connections with it, and that love towards these values became a stimulus for founding the university with friends in 1995.

According to the speaker, it is important to have high-quality education in Javakheti and to give a great importance to learning languages. He encouraged the local youth and students to start learning Georgian and English and also noted that he is ready to keep the connection with the Youth Commission, to help and support them, urged them to apply for any matter, consult on legal, financial and other matters.

The meeting was attended by the Executive Director of Support to Javakheti Foundation S. Mkoyan, who presented the quiz questions developed by the youth.

To the question who left the greatest influence on his life, Meyroyan replied that his grandmother from Javakheti, whose advice helped him at any stage of his life.

He also said the success and financial stability of other people had always inspired him.

Meyroyan considers himself a happy and successful man, saying that nothing happens accidentally, you have to believe, work, and love what you do. Love life and people.




15 April 2019