Support to Javakheti Foundation has  recently given a grant to (benefactor Sergey Vantsyan) Samvel Darbinyan, sensei at Shinkyokushin Karate Club of Ninotsminda’s sport school, to buy protective vest for club’s sportsmen and meet other needs of the club. It should be noted that the sporting goods have already been acquired.

More than 80 sportsmen aged 6 are currently training at Shinkyokushin Karate Club, 20 of which are multiple champions of Armenia, 10 are international, there are also Georgia’s champions and 3rd prize winner of the Caucasus Championship. Now the sportmen invest their capabilities and skills to record victories in Europe too.

We would also like to  note that Samvel Darbinyan has recently received Shinkyokushin black belt 2nd dan, successfully passing the international qualification exam and becoming the only sportman in Javakheti region, who has recorded such a success.

Support to Javakheti Foundation encourages the activation of sporting activities in Javakheti, particularly Shinkyoksuhin karate, which promotes the moral and psychological stability of the teenagers and their physical health, and we call on all our compatriots who would like to support the club and contribute to the development of sport, to contact us.

04 December 2018