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The Primate of Tavoush diocese, his grace Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan, with 50 young people from “Haghartsin Week” cultural festival went on  pilgrimage  to Javakheti, where the pilgrims visited  Jivani’s House-Museum in Kartsakhi, ashough Jivani’s village.

According to the museum guide-coordinator Hasmik Saghatelyan, pilgrims have especially liked the memorial section of the museum, where the 19th century rural environment is presented. In this section, the peculiarities of the region’s traditional dwelling have been preserved, as well as household items of that time, furniture, goods and tools that have been recovered and restored, making the museum an ethnographic one either.

The exhibits were collected from Kartsakhi and neighboring villages. In this part of the house, Jivani spent the first years of his life.

His grace Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan performed the song “Kankaravor Enker”(“Talented friend”) in the museum.

According to pilgrims, the visit to Javakheti was emotional. The most impressive and important part of the pilgrimage was the intercourse with Javakheti’s people, meeting with the spiritual servants, priests, deacons of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia, and the members of Children’s Choir.

The pilgrims were impressed by the warm and friendly reception of Javakheti people and by the acquaintance with the historical and cultural heritage of Javakheti.

05 September 2018