One more charity from the “Support to Javakhk Foundation” benefactor

Within the framework of Newmag Winter Fest, the publishing house have presented the Armenian translations of Narine Abgaryan's books "Manyunyan writes the fantasy novel" and "Drsek". Translations of both books became a reality under the sponsored  of the Yerevan Chocolate Factory - @mark_sevouni_official . Founder of the Yerevan Chocolate Factory, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the "Support to Javakhk" Foundation, benefactor Sos Sahakyan during the book presentation, answering the journalist's question why he financed the translations of Narine Abgaryan's books, mentioned that following to Narine Abgaryan's activities and literary path, watching his interviews, he found many similarities.  - "I have found serious similarities between Narine Abgaryan and me. Narine Abgaryan continues to love Armenia and Tavush by emigrating and establishing herself in a foreign country, the material of his literature is Armenian and Armenia with its people and way of life. And I being a businessman in Armenia, I continue to love and miss my native Javakhk. I fulfill my longing by implementing various charitable programs in my native Javakhk”.

“Support to Javakhk Foundation” was in Ninotsminda within the framework of “Support to the People of Javakhk” program

On December 15 and 16 "Support to Javakhk" Foundation was in Ninotsminda within the framework of "Support to the People of Javakhk" program. The beneficiaries of the program - socially insecure families, people with disabilities and orphans received appropriate support - high-quality French coats, vests, etc. On December 21-23, the program will be implemented in Akhalkalaki, at the office of "Support to Javakhk Foundation" (in Tsereteli 34). It should be reminded that the "Support to Javakhk" Foundation together with the Armenian General Benevolent Union implements the "Support to the People of Javakhk" program, within the framework of which high-quality French items are distributed in Javakhk.

The three-day program titled “Bridge of dialogue between the youth of Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk and Armenian Diaspora”

On November 5-7, a three-day program called "Bridge of dialogue between the youth of Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk and Armenian Diaspora" organized by the "Support for Javakhk" Foundation and the Diaspora Armenian Students' Council took place in Tsakhkadzor. The goal of the program is to build a bridge of dialogue between the youth of Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk and Diaspora, to promote the strengthening of Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora-Javakhk ties. By uniting the Armenian youth around a general goal, to use their opportunities for the development of Armenia-Diaspora relations, to promote the integration of the Armenian youth of the Diaspora into the Armenian environment. Young people participated in interactive courses on different topics: folk songs and dances, negotiations, SMM and PR tools, leadership, etc. The courses were conducted with practical exercises and discussions. At the end of the program, participants were awarded certificates. It should be noted that the program was realized with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia (RA MօESCS).

Opening of the photo exhibition “Discovering Javakhk”

From today until 10 of November, you will find a small Javakhk corner in the center of Yerevan with its specific colors, flavors and traditions. A photo exhibition entitled "Discovering Javakhk" opened today in the hall of the AGBU Armenia at the address Melik Adamyan 2/2. There photographs of the participants of the photo action are exhibited, demonstrating the landscapes and colors of Javakhk. It should be noted that the “Support for Javakhk” Foundation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, Sports of the Republic of Armenia, the National Association of Armenian Photographers and the Armenian General Benevolent Union, organized a three-day photo campaign on August 27-29  called "Discovering Javakhk". The project participants, Armenian-Georgian photographers from Armenia and Georgia, visited different regions, villages and cities of Javakhk for three days, got acquainted with the life and customs of rural settlements, of course, photographed everything that surprised, delighted and impressed them. Sos Sahakyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the “Support for Javakhk” Foundation, mentioned that the ‘’Support for Javakhk’’ Foundation has a large package of cultural programs, and this photo exhibition and the previous photo campaign were one of them. - “The Foundation has set itself a very high goal and even the conditions of the coronavirus,  the ''Support for Javakhk'' Foundation was able to work, implement various programs in Javakhk more efficiently. And this exhibition is very important in terms of representing different areas. Here you will see the glances, the work, faith and church, home and nature of the people of Javakhk”․ RA Deputy Minister of Education and Science Arayik Khzmalyan, walking around the hall, said that he liked the photographs, which reflect the life of Javakhk, where there were human faces, smiles, reality, family, hearth. “It is a great honor for me to cooperate with the  “Support for Javakhk” Foundation, because what the fund does in Javakhk, it does at the highest level and according to cultural standards. Recently, I was present at the opening of Vahan Teryan's restored exhibition hall, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, the consistency and the professional approach. The "Support for Javakhk" Foundation dictates high taste, high standards, I am sure that in the future we will cooperate even more closely within the framework of various programs”. At the opening of the exhibition, the President of the Armenian Photographers Association Sergey Hakobyan, who shared his experience and knowledge with the participants during the photo campaign, said: “Javakhk admired with its landscapes, people, traditions and faith, with their mysterious and fascinating places, which are inexhaustible. It was very difficult to single out photographs that have something to say that will tell the viewer something about the everyday life of Javakhk”. The executive director of the "Support for Javakhk" Foundation Samvel Mkoyan mentioned: "The aim of the "Discovering Javakhk" campaign was to discover Javakhk, as very few people are familiar with the region, its life and traditions. But the region is very rich in its nature, traditions and customs, and with people of course. Of course, a very small part is represented here, but we tried to visit some villages and cities in three days”. During the event, the participants of the photo campaign were awarded certificates, and letters of thanks were given to the experts․ It should be reminded that the exhibition titled “Discovering Javakhk” will be open in the AGBU hall until 10 of November.

A meeting with writers was held at the Akhalkalaki office of the Support to Javakheti Foundation

220244314_351790063065830_8684652518598063874_n-1-300x187Recently, a meeting with the President of the All-Armenian Union of Writers, literary critic Abgar Apinyan and writer Susanna Ghazaryan was held at the Akhalkalaki office of the Support to Javakheti Foundation. Mr. Apinyan told the audience about Armenian literature, presented books, newspapers and magazines that he took with him, distributed them to school-age children attending the meeting and to the book-loving public. The initiator of the meeting, member of the Board of Trustees of the Fund Paruyr Palyan noted the importance of developing and activating cultural life in Javakhk. Samvel Mkoyan noted the importance of such meetings with students.221355069_4529592547053111_8571434303301358322_n-1024x768

Vahan Teryan’s exhibition hall opened in Javakhk

On August 1, the air in the village of Gandza Javakhka was full of Teryan, everyone was talking and living with Teryan's poetry. Teryan is always present in Gandza, but it was a very strong and special occasion to remember him. The restored exhibition hall of the house-museum of the famous Armenian poet, lyric poet, public and political figure Vahan Teryan has opened in the village of Gandza. In 2019, during the Teryan Day, the delegation of the Support to Javakheti Foundation announced that it was going to initiate the restoration of the Vahan Teryan House-Museum, since it is in a deplorable state. And, despite the fact that 2020 was full of difficulties, in the conditions of the system and war, the Foundation was able to implement the program. The restoration of the exhibition hall of the Vahan Teryan House-Museum lasted about a year. The program will be implemented in three stages. At the first stage, it was planned to restore the exhibition hall of the house-museum, which today opened its doors to the public. At the second stage, it is planned to organize the restoration of the memorial part, at the third stage, the entire complex will be restored. 228919176_557435152274144_376898899800019948_n-1024x768During the event, the Executive Director of the Foundation Samvel Mkoyan stated that they are announcing the start of work on the restoration of the memorial site of the house-museum of the second stage of the program, and also urged everyone to join the initiative and contribute to this cause. "More than 100 thousand lari were spent on the restoration of the exhibition hall of the Vahan Teryan House-Museum. The restoration of the memorial part involves much higher costs, and we expect that we will receive support from both the governments of Georgia and Armenia, and it will become one of the most important programs implemented joint Armenian-Georgian efforts ". 51349856151_06ec255043_cThe restored exhibition hall of the house-museum is distinguished by rich and beautiful design solutions, a three-level exposition, as it is equipped with innovations characteristic of the 21st century. In the newly opened exhibition hall, Teryan is presented to all of us in a new way, in other dimensions. Here Teryan also comes to life through the ARLOOPA app.   Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia Arayik Khzmalyan noted that he is very glad that such an attractive cultural environment has been created in Gandza. 229874874_434165724383010_4623346209228607077_n-1024x768“In the 21st century, it is very important that knowledge about history, literature and any information in general be transmitted to adolescents and children in a modern form. In other words, as important as the culture is, it is just as important to present that culture in an interesting way. We have a successful experience of educational and cultural programs in Armenia, which we hope to soon implement in this newly opened exhibition hall. " During the event, Armen Mkoyan, Murad Malkhasyan and Vahagn Rash performed musical numbers. The chairman of the board of trustees of the foundation Sos Sahakyan recalls that he first visited the Teryan House-Museum in 1965 and left it with great impressions. 194751“As an adult, during subsequent visits, I realized that Teryan and his activities are much ahead and higher than the museum provides the presentation and popularization of this case. Teryan, his activities and poetry are of national importance, so we took upon ourselves the restoration of the exhibition hall of the house-museum to the highest standards of that time. " The Foundation will carry out a complete restoration of the house-museum, so that our great poet, lyric poet, social and political figure Vagan Teryan has a house-museum worthy of his name, which will become one of the important tourist spots. The authors of the architectural and construction project of the Vahan Teryan house-museum are Honored Architect of the Republic of Armenia Hovhannes Mutafyan and architect Shahane Gevorgyan The authors of the external-internal design and content concept: Literary critic: Ani Yeghiazaryan Artist: Mkrtich Matevosyan

Benefactors of the Vahan Teryan House-Museum

On August 1, in the native village of Gandza of the famous Armenian poet, lyricist and public-political figure Vahan Teryan, the opening of the exhibition hall of the House-Museum of the great poet took place. The restoration of the Vahan Teryan House-Museum was initiated and carried out by the Support to Javakheti Foundation. Below we present the names of individuals and organizations that have donated $ 1,000 or more: Organizations: Support to Javakheti Foundation ZRDA ACTIVITY IN GEORGIA Municipality of Ninotsminda Philanthropists: Sos Sahakyan Vagharshak Pilosyan Hovhannes Hovhannisyan Pavlik Margaryan Armen Mkoyan Armen Garslyan Ararat Antonyan Tachat Vardapetyan Azigbek Saharyan Grigor Tashyan Grigor Kettsyan Gevorg Emin-Teryan David Mkoyan Tumas Chivchyan Hamlet Shahbekyan Hasmik Sargsyan Paruyr Palyan Rafik Israelyan Samvel Mkoyan Vagharshak Meyroyan Others: Vahan Kettsyan Harutyun Khachatryan Artavazd Sahakyan Arsen Margaryan Armen Hakobyan Artur Garibyan Hovhannes Vardzelyan Artur Sirakanyan Hrachya Kotanjyan Igit Igityan Samvel Sirakanyan Hovhannes Sirakanyan Vahe Sldoyan Alexander Meltonyan Hovhannes Aghababyan School No. 139 after Demirchyan Saribek Hakobyan Aram Hovhannisyan Tigran Margaryan Vahan Hakobyan Tigran Tangamyan Artur Manukyan Vanik Igityan Stepan Garibyan Narek Abgaryan Hamlet Igityan Ashkhen Mkoyan Armen Adamyan Lusine Hovhannisyan Karen Shahbekyan Sargis Igityan Mkhitar Tevanyan Ashot Tevanyan Anaida Igityan Norayr Sargsyan Anush Sargsyan David Sargsyan Natalie Sarkisian Author of architectural and construction projects of the house-museum: Honored Architect of the Republic of Armenia Hovhannes Mutafyan Architect: Shahane Gevorgyan Authors of external and internal design and content concept: Literary critic: Ani Yeghiazaryan Artist: Mkrtich Matevosyan

An event dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Colonel-General Gurgen Dalibaltayan took place

On June 5, the birthday of the outstanding military figure, National hero of Armenia, Colonel-General Gurgen Dalibaltayan, the Combined Arms Faculty of the V. Sargsian Military University of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia was named in honor of Gurgen Dalibaltayan. T he event was attended by members of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board of the Support to Javakheti Foundation. After the event, the staff of the foundation visited Yerablur to lay flowers at the grave of the national hero of Armenia Gurgen Dalibaltayan, to honor his memory.

We’ve completed one of our youth projects “Bridge of Cooperation between the Youth of Javakhk, Diaspora and RA regions”

"Bridge of Cooperation between the Youth of Javakhk, Diaspora and RA regions" occurred from August 31 to September 11. Due to the current conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, the project was implemented on the "Zoom" online platform. The aim of the project was to build a bridge of dialogue between the youth of the Javakhk, Diaspora, RA regions, to strengthen the Armenia-Diaspora-Javakhk connection, unify the Armenian youth around a common idea. In the modern world, the technological development gives us an opportunity to have contribution in the development of your own homeland even if you are on the other side of the world, to use our knowledge and opportunities for the benefit of the homeland. But if we are not aware of its problems and needs, our contribution will be incomplete, perhaps not targeted. The young people of Armenian Diaspora need to know Armenia and Javakhk as well, to be acquainted with the available opportunities in their homeland, communicate with inhabitants, to be acquainted with their daily life, needs and wants. Therefore, we can assume that the main goals of the project were to create a platform of joint cooperation, which will contribute to the establishment of a strong connection between them, their capacity to serve the development of Armenia-Javakhk-Diaspora interconnection. The young people from the RA regions, Diaspora and Javakhk have participated in courses, seminars-discussions, online meetings. Trainings lasted 11 days; we had many famous and experienced speakers. Our speakers were specially selected experts; each of them was a successful professional in their field. The most important point is that our specialists were willing to share their experience and knowledge from the relevant fields. Through these meetings, the young people gained theoretical knowledge and practical skills which they will be able to serve for the benefit of strengthening the homeland. As a result we have a common platform which was created during the project, and which will provide further communication between Javakhk,  Diaspora,  Armenian youth living in the regions, also this can become a basis for continual cooperation, implementation of joint projects. 50 young people from Javakhk, Diaspora and the regions of Armenia have participated in our training and 41 of them have received certificates. Project organizers: ”Support to Javakheti” Foundation " The student council of the Armenian Diaspora " Project Supporters: The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia Georgian office of the "Support to Javakheti" Foundation   "Harmony" Psychology Public Development Centre NGO The RepatArmenia Foundation World Armenian Congress of the Youth Organizations’ Association Charentsavan Youth Student NGO