Leadership Training: First Stage Summary

On April 29, the first stage of the leadership training was summarized and certificates’ handing-over ceremony took place at Elite Plaza business center. The executive director of JAH Mr. Ashot Hakobyan welcomed about 30 participants and underlying the importance of the project emphasized it continuous nature like a snowball, which would grow and become bigger. The participants were encouraged to be more active and consolidated, develop leadership skills and aim at personal growth. The president of the Public Development Center of Psychology Harmony Ashkhen Mkoyan summarized the training with reference to each topic and speaker after which the participants spoke about what they gained from the training. It was noteworthy that the young participants mentioned their enhanced self-confidence, personal development, motivation as an outcome of the project and those were the goals set for the project from the very beginning. The special guest of the meeting was Gagik Ginosyan, the art director of Karin folk-dance group, co-founder of JAH, who referred to leadership as an ability to take responsibilities and making decisions and mentioned the importance of being the best in the chosen sphere, acknowledgment of who they are and own history. So, it can be stated, that the project served its purpose. A society and youth with common sense will secure a safe future for us. image-02-05-16-11-07-5 image-02-05-16-11-07-3 image-02-05-16-11-07-6 image-02-05-16-11-07-7 image-02-05-16-11-07-12 image-02-05-16-11-07-18 image-02-05-16-11-07-20 image-02-05-16-11-07-30 image-02-05-16-11-07-52

Harutyun Khachatryan’s Film’s premiere

On April 29 in Yerevan, in Moscow Cinema took place the premiere of the new “Deadlock” film of Harutyun Khachatryan: co-founder of Support to Javakheti Foundation, General Director of "Golden Apricot - International Film Festival", RA National Artist and filmmaker. “Deadlock” is about Levon, an engineer, who won “Green card” and left to USA with his family. For about 25 years Harutyun Khachatryan has followed his film’s hero and now presents some parts from his life and relationships with the family. The “Deadlock” is the second film of the “Endless Escape, eternal return” series. The film was accepted by the audience with great enthusiasm and applauses.

Birthday of the poet Tatul Bolorchyan

By highlighting and appreciating the heritage of the Great intellectuals of Javakheti, hereinafter Support to Javakheti Foundation will present memorable, important days and events regarding them. On April 14, 1931, in the village Gumburdo of the region, Akhalkalaki was born Armenian poet Tatul Bolorchyan (1931-2014): the author of 14 poetry collections and children's books. The conversation about the poet's life and literary heritage with the writer, publicist and the member of RA Writers Union Vahan Saghatelyan is available on the following link.

Famous Linguist, Armenologist Grigor Vantyan’s Collected Works- 2nd Volume Published

The second volume of Grigor Vantsyan’s (1870-1908) collected works includes the books of Historical Grammar of the Eastern Armenian (1906), School Grammar (1906), Pocket Օrthography (1914), History of Armenia (illustrated)(1908), Armenian Illustrated Alphabet (1907). It is the writer’s 1st complete anthology. It is intended for historian ethnographers, linguists, as well as for the wider readership.  The book is published with funding from Support to Javakheti Foundation (benefactor- Sergei Vantsyan) and Armen and Tatul Gharslyan Brothers literary fund (benefactor- Armen Gharslyan). The electronic version of the volume is also available.

The exhibition of “Armenia, homeland, Javakheti” took place

In the scientific library of the Armenian State Pedagogical University named after Kh. Abovyan, took place the festive opening of the exhibition “Armenia, homeland, Javakheti”. In the hall were shown more than 600 scientific, fictional, omnibus works from the series of presoviet, soviet and independent year’s editions. In the festive opening were present and had a speech many intellectuals and social-political figures. The director of the scientific library of Armenian State Pedagogical University and historian Tigran Petrosyants warmly greeted the presents and noticed that Javakheti has given to the Armenian civilization honorable scientists, many representatives of science, national economy, art and culture, whose works were tried to gather and show at the exhibition. Mr. Petrosyants thanked the supporters of the event and particularly mentioned the important role of the deputy of CEO of Support to Javakheti Foundation Vahe Sargsyan. In his turn, the CEO of Support to Javakheti Foundation Ashot Hakobyan greeted the organizers of the event and mentioned that this year would be full of events connected with Javakhk. He encouraged the presents to visit Javakheti more often and invited them to the celebration dedicated to the 170th birthday of the outstanding minstrel (ashugh) Jivani, during which in Kartsakh village will be the opening of the house-museum of the minstrel by the Fund. At the exhibition were shown the paintings of Hamlet Mikayelyan, lecturer of the Pedagogical University, the sun of the village Ghushchi of Javakhk and famous mathematician. The vivid presence of hundreds of books, and the immediate speeches of many intellectuals imparted special warm and excitement to the event. 1 S3460012 2 S3460068

The Opening Ceremony of the Office of Support to Javakheti Foundation in Akhalkalaki

On the symbolic day of celebrations called “The Jivani days” the Office of the Georgian Representation of Support to Javakheti Foundation officially opened its doors in Akhalkalak. Recall that as a result of Foundation’s representatives’ one year works, as well as due to periodic and mutually beneficial contacts with the Georgian authorities, on March 26, 2015 the Foundation officially registered its representation in Georgia (Akhalkalak). With the establishment of the office the activity of the Foundation in different regions of Javakheti will become more intense and dimensional in terms of size. The office is not only to coordinate the Foundation’s projects designed in Yerevan, but also the representation is to have its own projects. The representatives of the Foundation give the priority to the Establishment of legal assistance center within the framework of the representation, where the Javakheti Armenians will be provided free legal consultation related to various issues. The heads of all the regions of Javakheti, high-ranking guests from the RA and Tbilisi, many businessmen from the Russian Federation were present at the opening of the office. The opening of the office took place with the blessing of General Archimandrite of Samtskhe-Javakheti Babken Salbiyan. Within the framework of the opening ceremony the messages of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Armenia in Georgia Yu. Vardanyan, the representative of the Los Angeles Delegation of Support to Javakheti Foundation Gagik Petrosyan, the Head of the Armenian community of Armavir Grigor Karapetyan, the Head of the Armenian community of St. Petersburg Karen Mkrtchyan and others were read. On the occasion of the solemn opening ceremony of the Foundation's Georgian representation a number of representatives from the RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Armenian business field came up with a suggestion welcoming the establishment of the Foundation's office in Akhalkalak, expressed their willingness to join the economic and investment projects initiated by the Foundation and offered to meet with the government representatives on that occasion. The Executive Director of the Foundation Ashot Hakobyan mentioned once again in his speech that the Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the development of various spheres of the Armenian public life in Samtskhe – Javakheti and Tsalka regions and the Armenian – Georgian cooperation and added that the opening of the representation is a practical step to have a perceivable progress in these spheres in a short period of time.

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Participation of Javakheti Armenians in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945: Book Presentation

In the hall of National Archive RA the presentation of the book Participation of Javakheti Armenians in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, (Yerevan, 2014) took place. Director of the Institute of History NA RA Ashot Melkonyan, director of the National Archive RA, Amatuni Virabyan, public and political figures, writers, intellectuals, National Assembly members, representatives from Support to Javakheti Foundation were present at the event. The Institute of History the National Academy of Sciences RA  has published a valuable book authored by Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Kliment Harutyunyan, The Participation of Javakheti Armenians in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. For the first time in the Armenian historiography, there is a book which covers the participation of Javakheti Armenians (mainly from the region of Akhalkalaki) in the Great Patriotic War based on the materials from the Central Archive of the Russian Ministry of Defense, relevant literature and Press. The book is edited by a correspondent member of NAS of RA, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Ashot Melkonyan and was published by funding from Support to Javakheti Foundation. A special highlight was given to the heroic deeds by Javakheti Armenians, who were awarded with the title Hero of the Soviet Union, General, and Admiral, as well as to the heroic work of those workers, who were backing the soldiers. The book evokes a sense of great pride in the heart of every Javakheti Armenian. Every heroic episode, selfless dedication and military prowess described in the book have a great educational value because in the chaos of human values it's high time for the exemplary behavior of  Armenian Javakheti heroes to be presented and propagated to the new generation. After all, defending the Soviet Union, these people were defending their mothers and sisters, their village and town, their home region and country. For the sake of those values many of them paid with their lives, many became disabled, many of them starved or sank into poverty, saw the deprivations of their relatives but the retained the most important thing, which no one could kill in them. It was the ideological, spiritual kind of Armenian, who fought, celebrated his victory by the Berlin wall and… returned to his homeland Javakheti. This book contains the idea of this soul’s durability and eternity, firmness of this kind of man, which is impossible to read without excitement and inspiration. Let’s pay homage to the Armenians who preserved their ideology,  will live in our hearts and make our hearts live. Vahe Sargsyan Candidate of Historical Sciences The electronic version of the book is available.


Opening of the exhibition of the works created by the Armenian artists and sculptors from Javakheti

From april 18-23 in 2014 at the exhibition hall of Yerevan History Museum (Yerevan, 0010, Argishti 1/1) will take place the exhibition of the works created by the Armenian artists and sculptors from Javakheti dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The opening of the exhibition will be on 18 april at 12:00 o'clock. Entrance is free.