Opening of the photo exhibition “Discovering Javakhk”

From today until 10 of November, you will find a small Javakhk corner in the center of Yerevan with its specific colors, flavors and traditions. A photo exhibition entitled "Discovering Javakhk" opened today in the hall of the AGBU Armenia at the address Melik Adamyan 2/2. There photographs of the participants of the photo action are exhibited, demonstrating the landscapes and colors of Javakhk. It should be noted that the “Support for Javakhk” Foundation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, Sports of the Republic of Armenia, the National Association of Armenian Photographers and the Armenian General Benevolent Union, organized a three-day photo campaign on August 27-29  called "Discovering Javakhk". The project participants, Armenian-Georgian photographers from Armenia and Georgia, visited different regions, villages and cities of Javakhk for three days, got acquainted with the life and customs of rural settlements, of course, photographed everything that surprised, delighted and impressed them. Sos Sahakyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the “Support for Javakhk” Foundation, mentioned that the ‘’Support for Javakhk’’ Foundation has a large package of cultural programs, and this photo exhibition and the previous photo campaign were one of them. - “The Foundation has set itself a very high goal and even the conditions of the coronavirus,  the ''Support for Javakhk'' Foundation was able to work, implement various programs in Javakhk more efficiently. And this exhibition is very important in terms of representing different areas. Here you will see the glances, the work, faith and church, home and nature of the people of Javakhk”․ RA Deputy Minister of Education and Science Arayik Khzmalyan, walking around the hall, said that he liked the photographs, which reflect the life of Javakhk, where there were human faces, smiles, reality, family, hearth. “It is a great honor for me to cooperate with the  “Support for Javakhk” Foundation, because what the fund does in Javakhk, it does at the highest level and according to cultural standards. Recently, I was present at the opening of Vahan Teryan's restored exhibition hall, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, the consistency and the professional approach. The "Support for Javakhk" Foundation dictates high taste, high standards, I am sure that in the future we will cooperate even more closely within the framework of various programs”. At the opening of the exhibition, the President of the Armenian Photographers Association Sergey Hakobyan, who shared his experience and knowledge with the participants during the photo campaign, said: “Javakhk admired with its landscapes, people, traditions and faith, with their mysterious and fascinating places, which are inexhaustible. It was very difficult to single out photographs that have something to say that will tell the viewer something about the everyday life of Javakhk”. The executive director of the "Support for Javakhk" Foundation Samvel Mkoyan mentioned: "The aim of the "Discovering Javakhk" campaign was to discover Javakhk, as very few people are familiar with the region, its life and traditions. But the region is very rich in its nature, traditions and customs, and with people of course. Of course, a very small part is represented here, but we tried to visit some villages and cities in three days”. During the event, the participants of the photo campaign were awarded certificates, and letters of thanks were given to the experts․ It should be reminded that the exhibition titled “Discovering Javakhk” will be open in the AGBU hall until 10 of November.

Annotation and opening of the “Khachkar” in the village of Ghaurma

Recently, an official opening ceremony of the Khachkar took place in the village of Ghaurma in Ninotsminda Municipality, which will be a sanctuary for the villagers. The khachkar was consecrated by the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia, Archimandrite Ter Kirakos Davtyan and Father Armash priest Poghosyan. The benefactor is Sayat Mkrtchyan, the son of village Ghaurma , and the sculptor is Ara Gharslyan. The opening of the khachkar was also attended by the executive department of the "Support for Javakhk" Foundation.

A photo action called “Open Javakhk” was held in Javakhk

From August 27 to 29, a three-day photo action "Open Javakhk" was held in Javakhk, organized by the Support to Javakheti Foundation together with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia. The participants of the program-Armenian and Georgian photographers from Armenia, Diaspora and Javakhk for three days visited the most beautiful and hidden corners of Javakhk, visited villages and towns of Akhalkalaki, Ninotsminda, Akhaltsikhe and Aspindz districts, sights and cultural monuments, got acquainted with the life, customs and everyday life of rural settlements and recorded what they saw, feelings and impressions through a camera. On the last day of the program, the participants also visited the villages of Gandza and Karzakh, the Ashugh Jivani and Vahan Teryan House Museums founded and restored by the foundation. Within the framework of the program, master classes were held by star photographer Inga Avanesova, President of the National Association of "Photographers of Armenia", photographer Sergey Hakobyan.

The consecration and opening of a khachkar took place in the village of Kaurma

The official opening ceremony of the Khachkar was held in the village of Kaurma of the Ninotsminda municipality, which will serve as a shrine for the villagers. During the event, the Khachkar was consecrated led by the head of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia, Archimandrite Ter Kirakos Davtyan and Father Armash Poghosyan. Khachkar was installed on the initiative and with the financial support of Sayat Mkrtchyan from the village of Kaurma, and the sculptor is Ara Karslyan.

A meeting with writers was held at the Akhalkalaki office of the Support to Javakheti Foundation

220244314_351790063065830_8684652518598063874_n-1-300x187Recently, a meeting with the President of the All-Armenian Union of Writers, literary critic Abgar Apinyan and writer Susanna Ghazaryan was held at the Akhalkalaki office of the Support to Javakheti Foundation. Mr. Apinyan told the audience about Armenian literature, presented books, newspapers and magazines that he took with him, distributed them to school-age children attending the meeting and to the book-loving public. The initiator of the meeting, member of the Board of Trustees of the Fund Paruyr Palyan noted the importance of developing and activating cultural life in Javakhk. Samvel Mkoyan noted the importance of such meetings with students.221355069_4529592547053111_8571434303301358322_n-1024x768

Cultural, Sporting and Educational Events in Javakheti

Last week, Support to Javakheti Foundation organized and participated in a number of events in Javakheti. Accompanied by a delegation of the Foundation, the benefactor and supporter of  the Foundation, the Vice-President of the Armenian community of Perm Armen Gharslyan and the guests from Russia left for the Karsakh village, in the Akhalkalak region. Being a benefactor of the ashugh Jivani House Museum Armen Gharslyan visited the museum exhibition hall to get acquainted with the legacy left by the great ashugh, as well as the memorial part. The guests of the museum were greeted by Kartsakh children and the guide-coordinator Hasmik Saghatelyan with "salt and bread". Since its inception the House Museum has had around 1000 visitors from around the world, thereby providing a flow of tourists to Kartsakh, organized different cultural-educational events, which, in turn, has activated the life of the Kartsakh residents and changed the overall atmosphere of the village. According to village head Atom Hoghmatsyan, many Kartsakh people living abroad have started to visit to the village more frequently and have their houses restored, and even one of them started to build a bakery. Support to Javakheti Foundation is currently trying hard to open the memorial part in the end of August of this year, within the framework of the Jivani Days, but the process of the work depends on funding, so those who want to support the implementation of the house-museum, can apply to Support to Javakheti Foundation. One of the important events of the week was the football tournament  dedicated to the memory of  the Vladimir and Gayos Gharslyan brothers held in Ninotsminda for the 21st time, which was sponsored by Armen Gharslyan and Tatul Gharslyan. The town stadium has also been restored by them. The tournament was attended by the member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation Sos Sahakyan, the co-founder, the member of the Board of Trustees Seyran Vantsyan, the MP of Georgia Henzel Mkoyan, the Executive Director Ashot Hakobyan, representatives of the authorities and religious organizations of Javakheti. The annual tournament contributes to the development of sport life, the spread of healthy lifestyle and the consolidation of youth in Javakheti. The week was also important for the Javakheti people from the point of view of education. The leadership of Shirak State University visited Ninotsminda where the Foundation met with education professionals. The representatives of the University presented to the specialists the attractive conditions proposed in their institution for Javakheti students: Georgian language teaching, free education, a newly renovated dormitory, etc.

Participation of Javakheti Armenians in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945: Book Presentation

In the hall of National Archive RA the presentation of the book Participation of Javakheti Armenians in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, (Yerevan, 2014) took place. Director of the Institute of History NA RA Ashot Melkonyan, director of the National Archive RA, Amatuni Virabyan, public and political figures, writers, intellectuals, National Assembly members, representatives from Support to Javakheti Foundation were present at the event. The Institute of History the National Academy of Sciences RA  has published a valuable book authored by Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Kliment Harutyunyan, The Participation of Javakheti Armenians in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. For the first time in the Armenian historiography, there is a book which covers the participation of Javakheti Armenians (mainly from the region of Akhalkalaki) in the Great Patriotic War based on the materials from the Central Archive of the Russian Ministry of Defense, relevant literature and Press. The book is edited by a correspondent member of NAS of RA, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Ashot Melkonyan and was published by funding from Support to Javakheti Foundation. A special highlight was given to the heroic deeds by Javakheti Armenians, who were awarded with the title Hero of the Soviet Union, General, and Admiral, as well as to the heroic work of those workers, who were backing the soldiers. The book evokes a sense of great pride in the heart of every Javakheti Armenian. Every heroic episode, selfless dedication and military prowess described in the book have a great educational value because in the chaos of human values it's high time for the exemplary behavior of  Armenian Javakheti heroes to be presented and propagated to the new generation. After all, defending the Soviet Union, these people were defending their mothers and sisters, their village and town, their home region and country. For the sake of those values many of them paid with their lives, many became disabled, many of them starved or sank into poverty, saw the deprivations of their relatives but the retained the most important thing, which no one could kill in them. It was the ideological, spiritual kind of Armenian, who fought, celebrated his victory by the Berlin wall and… returned to his homeland Javakheti. This book contains the idea of this soul’s durability and eternity, firmness of this kind of man, which is impossible to read without excitement and inspiration. Let’s pay homage to the Armenians who preserved their ideology,  will live in our hearts and make our hearts live. Vahe Sargsyan Candidate of Historical Sciences The electronic version of the book is available.