The number of “Armat” in Javakhk continues to grow

An agreement was signed between the Support to Javakheti Foundation and the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises, according to which it is planned to open ArMat engineering laboratories in the villages of Bezhano and Gushchi in the coming months with the financing of the Hrayr and Anna Hovnanyan Charitable Foundation. The goal of the program is to promote the development of technology education in Javakhk, the expansion of technological employment, additional economic activity and the creation of jobs, prospects for staying at home. It should be reminded that through the efforts of the foundation, 7 engineering laboratories "Armat" are already operating in Javakhk, where more than 500 children receive free technological education.

Sergey Vantsyan. the legendary aviator is 70 years old

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the birth of the legendary aviator Sergei Vantsyan, a man who lives by the principle “no one will suffer” or “who does not look for a friend is his enemy”. And since Mr. Vantsian "avoids" interviews with journalists, we decided to tell about him with the help of Leon Azroyan's book "The Eagle, whose name is Sergei Vantsyan", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the great aviator, published with the assistance of the Foundation. In the preface to the book, the author says that in 1989-1994, Vantsyan's guys made about 33 thousand flights, of which 27 thousand were combat flights. 75 thousand tons of cargo, 600 thousand people were transported. When journalists asked the commando, who is already happy today when he will liberate the fortress city of Shushi, he did not name a specific date, but simply said: "When Vantsyan's guys will deliver 400 tons of fuel to Karabakh, what else is needed?" Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan has confessed more than once. “Our eyes have always been glued to the sky, it might seem to the surrounding that we are praying to God, but in fact we were praying to our pilots, who were soon in the sky. "They were not only the only hope for the salvation of Artsakh, but they also saved thousands of lives, took out the wounded and sick, and removed the bodies of the dead heroic freedom fighters from the front." Indeed, the pilots of the "Ararat-Avia" company, led by one of the adherents of the civil aviation of Armenia, the skillful organizer of the aviation business, Sergei Vantsyan, performed unprecedented feats during the Karabakh war, ensuring our victory. “It was a miracle that we had dedicated pilots,” this line ran smoothly. “If they were not there, it would have been impossible to even think about winning. 90% of this victory went to the pilots. " This is the observation of the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese, Bishop Pargev. After each flight, he cordially watched the helicopters until they reached a safe place, and if something unforeseen happened, the plane or helicopter was shot down, dead freedom fighters were brought in, then he spoke the first word of consolation and consolation to his family. he was on the Stepanakert-Yerevan line, the first in charge. How many sleepless nights he lived with the families of the dead pilots, how he felt sorry for the orphan child, how sincerely he experienced the pain of their loss - all this without tears and without words. And when his patience ran out, he personally boarded the helicopter in order to finish the unfinished work of the boys, to destroy some kind of ignition point that suddenly appeared on the road, because, as he admits, in such cases it was harder to wait. During the war, I never made pilots fly, I said: "This is a problem, can you?" And almost always flew with them 3-4 times a day. “At that time, we never had forced landings due to technical problems, because we understood that the flight must be safe in any case,” Sergei Vantsyan once said. Legendary aviator Sergei Vantsyan was born in Javakhk, in the village of Bezhano, Akhalkalaki region, in a family from Erzrum. His ancestors came here in 1830. Naturally, Sergei is connected with all his nerves to the land of his ancestors, ancient Karin. Love and longing for the lost homeland turned into nostalgia for dear Bezhano, his land and water. Although he has been living in Yerevan for many years for work, he does not forget his native Javakhk for a second. Every year, if he is lucky enough to rest for a few days, he will definitely spend these days in Bezhano. Patriotism is not just words for him. Wantsian loves the Motherland with all his cells, spares no effort and energy for any undertakings aimed at its development and improvement. Sergey Vantsyan is also one of the founders of the Support to Javakheti Foundation, a member of the Board of Trustees and a benefactor. With his funding, thoughts and ideas, he supported the implementation of a number of programs aimed at the development of Javakhk. And he advises young people there not to leave Javakhk, to stick to their roots and improve their native land.

A series of trainings “Education as a visiting card” has started in the village of Kulikam

On June 19, at the initiative of the Youth Commission of the Fund "Support for Javakheti", a series of trainings "Education as a calling card" for children under 16 years old was launched in the Youth Center of the village of Kulikam, Akhalkalaki region. The purpose of the program is to introduce children to the activities of the Armat laboratories in Javakhk, to inform them about various educational institutions, programs and opportunities, as well as to emphasize the importance of education through various thematic trainings and to help children choose a profession. On June 19, Armen Grigoryan, director of the Georgian branch of the Support for Javakheti Foundation, told Kulikam's children about the foundation's activities, programs, the Board of Trustees and benefactors. Margarita Javardzhyan, head of the "Armat" engineering laboratory in Akhalkalaki, acquainted the participants with the activities of the "Armat" laboratories and the prospects that open up for children studying in Armat. After the training, the children received answers to their questions. As a result of the training, 4 children from the village of Kulikam have already expressed a desire to attend the courses of the Armat laboratory in Akhalkalak, and many hope that a laboratory will open in the village of Kulikam in the near future.

From the dream of becoming an artist and Sherlock Holmes to an honored architect

Hovhannes Mutafyan On June 12, Hovhannes Mutafyan, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Support to Javakheti Foundation, Honored Architect of the Republic of Armenia, founder and chief architect of the "ASHN Project" company, was born. This unique person was remembered by many for his famous orange hat. Each meeting and conversation with him seems "orange", memorable and positive, full of bright and light moments. He always surrounds his loved ones and acquaintances with a high mood, a special smile and humor. It is simply impossible not to love him, and most importantly, you can talk to Mr. Mutafyan endlessly and on any topic, from cuisine to music. He loves art, his various industries, both painting and music. He has a wide musical preference, from pop to hard rock. "In the 60s and 70s, I also kept my hair long, wore wide trousers, I am very glad that I was born and lived in those times," says the honored architect. Mr. Mutafyan's parents are Istanbul Armenians from Partizak province. During the Great Genocide, they emigrated to Greece, to the coastal city of Kavala, from where they returned to Armenia in 1946. Both parents were craftsmen, the mother was a tailor, and the father was a turner. Drawing teacher Gagik Ghazaryan played an important role in choosing a profession, who saw his great potential. “I decided to become an artist, then I read a lot of detective books, for a while I wanted to be Sherlock Holmes or someone else. But I didn’t regret it, moreover, if I’m born again, I’ll become an architect again” he is sure. Speaking about the layout and architecture of Yerevan, Mr. Mutafyan notes that the foundation of the city was laid correctly, but later it was incorrectly organized. "Yerevan should not have become a megalopolis. Armenia today is Yerevan, and in the regions the population is becoming more and more devastated. " I would turn Yerevan only into an administrative city with all the structures necessary for management after that I would develop other districts and cities," the honored architect notes. Since 1975, Hovhannes Mutafyan has been involved in the development of a number of settlements in the capital, regions of the Republic, a number of institutions , buildings and complex projects of historical importance in Artsakh and Javakhk, personally created or managed hundreds of such projects. The Honored Architect has been a member of the Board and a close partner since the foundation of the Support to Javakheti Foundation. According to his project, the house-museum of ashug Jivani was restored in his native village of Karzakh. Now Mr. Mutafyan has designed the house-museum of the great Armenian poet Vahan Teryan in his home village of Gandza. According to him, these museums can change little in Javakhk, but we must recognize the greats born on this earth. Many great people were born in Javakhk, but it is also of great strategic importance for us. “My wish is that all Javakhk Armenians and in general all Armenians consider Armenia and Javakhk their homeland, not a cemetery. Everyone emigrates to Russia, lives a luxurious life there, spends a lot of money, and when it comes to at least some then it is difficult for them to support the Motherland. However, toasts for Javakhk and the inhabitants of Javakhk are drunk at every opportunity problem. We must learn to love our home, courtyard, because the Motherland and the country begin with the home of each of us. We need to understand that the state is us, each of us, and not the person who is the power at the moment. forward, become a good specialist, work and contribute to the formation of your country. Today, anger, envy and ignorance prevail in us. We need to eradicate them, then only talk about a powerful homeland and history " Mr. Mutafyan notes with pain. And Mr. Mutafyan advises all young people, regardless of their professional orientation, to work, work and work again. Don't be arrogant, learn, learn constantly. “Unfortunately, I meet many young people who do not like to listen, do not like to read and study. It is never too late to study, you need to study for the rest of your life. Only in this case you will have an educated society, demanded specialists and, of course, a powerful homeland. Each of us must be in his place and fully fulfill his responsibilities."

An event dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Colonel-General Gurgen Dalibaltayan took place

On June 5, the birthday of the outstanding military figure, National hero of Armenia, Colonel-General Gurgen Dalibaltayan, the Combined Arms Faculty of the V. Sargsian Military University of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia was named in honor of Gurgen Dalibaltayan. T he event was attended by members of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board of the Support to Javakheti Foundation. After the event, the staff of the foundation visited Yerablur to lay flowers at the grave of the national hero of Armenia Gurgen Dalibaltayan, to honor his memory.

The restoration works of Teryan House-Museum have started

Dear Compatriots, on the initiative of the Support to Javakhketi Foundation, the restoration works of the exhibition hall of Vahan Teryan House-Museum in Gandza village of Ninotsminda have already started. If you do not want to be left out of this patriotic cause, you can make a donation and make your contribution. We would like to inform you that the names of those who donated $ 1,000 or more will be posted in the exhibition hall. Below we present also the video of the project of V.Teryans house-museum exhibition hall To make a donation, follow the link below

The final round of the junior DigiCode Contest was held

  The final round of the 6th DigiCode Contest Junior Applied Programming Competition took place on May 8 at the American University of Armenia. The Executive Board of the Support to Javakhketi Foundation was present at the final round of DigiCode 2021. We had 10 participants from the ArMat laboratories operating in Javakhk, two of whom-Mariam Sahakyan, from the ArMat Damala, and Mikael Antonyan, from the ArMat Heshtia, who overcame the preliminary stages and reached the final. The ArMat Engineering Laboratories program in Javakhk is implemented by the Support to Javakhketi Foundation in cooperation with the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises and with the support of private philanthropists and organizations.