The first “ArMat” center was opened in Tsalka

IMG_6449On May 21, the village of Ozni in the Tsalka region was full of people. The opening of the first "ArMat" center in the region united the Armenian-Georgian officials, the representatives of the education and culture spheres in one place. The executive director of the "Support to Javakhk" foundation Samvel Mkoyan mentioned: "The foundation attaches great importance to the development of the IT sphere". IMG_8733In 2018, the "Support to Javakhk" Foundation together with the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises, with the funding of individual benefactors and organizations, brought the "ArMat" project to Javakhk.  There are already 10 "ArMat" centers in Javakhk,  and this is the first center in Tsalka region of Kvemo Kartli province, where about 60 children are already studying. We develop and implement our programs in coordination with local governments. "Analyzing the needs, we realized that it is necessary to introduce the" ArMat "center in the Tsalka region, which contributes not only to the development of children, but also to the Georgian economy," - said Mr. Mkoyan. The program to create ArmMat in Ozni was implemented by the "Support to Javakhk" Foundation, "H. Hovnanyan Family ”Foundation,  in partnership with the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises  and with the financial support of benefactor Razmik Blikyan. IMG_8861The executive director of the "H. Hovnanyan Family" foundation Naira Melikyan mentioned that the "ArMat" center in Ozni is already the third one that was established in cooperation with the "Support to Javakhk" Foundation. "Based on the factors of upbringing the generation and uniting them around the right idea, we realized that the best investment is the financing of the "ArMat" center in Javakhk. It was necessary to create a center with which youngs and teenagers will connect their future and prospects", - said Mrs. Melikyan. The "ArMat" center in Ozni operates in Armenak Avagyan's house, which he provided for free, and the renovation and construction was carried out by benefactor Razmik Blikyan from Ozni. 281777120_540770134208233_8908908775572905291_nAccording to Mr. Blikyan, the development of the IT sphere proceeds from the requirements of the time. “This is the reason why we, togheter "Support to Javakhk" Foundation pushed for this important initiative, which has already found a great response. I should mention that the number of children studying here is more than those who attend school. The children of the neighboring villages attend the "ArMat" center in Ozni, which is very encouraging”, - said Mr. Blikyan. "Children learn programming, robotics և 3D modeling, which are among the most popular professions of the future", said Sedrak Vardanyan, head of the "ArMat" program, and answered a question:
  • At what age can children attend the center? - 10 to 99 year olds can attend the center, and learn the most demanded professions of the time.
IMG_8768Armenian Ambassador to Georgia Ruben Sadoyan was present at the event, who mentioned that the opening of such educational centers is of national importance, as it is very possible to create additional opportunities for local youth to be educated and work on the spot. "People shouldn't emigrate from here, because they don't have the opportunity for education and work, on the contrary, they should stay there, study, work and they  should prosper the region," said Mr. Sadoyan. IMG_8786 Also present were Tsalka Deputy Mayors Anzor Khinikadze and Feukhar Paraskov, who expressed their joy and excitement over the opening of the center, and they announced on behalf of the Tsalka mayor that they wanted to have a similar center in Tsalka. The goal of the program is to promote the development of technological education in Javakhk, the expansion of technological employment, additional economic activity, job creation, as well as the prospects of not leaving the homeland. Gor Simonyan is one of the young people who has the opportunity to stay and work in his native village. “In a center like no other in the region, children are cut off from the traditional notions of the lesson process, they can go after their imagination, give color, thought and volume to all their ideas. I am not so much a teacher-student relationship with children as a friend. And I will try to help the children attending the center with my knowledge to make reality all the ideas they had before”. Said the young conductor of the center Gor Simonyan.  

The children of the village Khaurma will visit the Armat center in the village of Heshtia

Another long-awaited good news. The children of village Khaurma will visit the "ArMat" center in Heshtia village. Classes started on June 4. The costs of moving and other expenses were paid by a native of village Khaurma, benefactor Sayat Mkrtchyan. ArmMat engineering laboratory in Heshtia village was opened in February 2019 with trilateral cooperation. The program was carried out under the sponsorship of «Karitas Georgia» and in partnership with the Georgian representative office of the Support to javakhk Foundation and the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises:

The book “Bibliography of Vardges Surenyants” has been published

On April 18, the National Library Week started in the National Library of Armenia with the presentation of the book "Bibliography of Vardges Surenyants". The founder of the Armenian National Historical Painting, painter, stage designer, architect Vardges Surenyants's bibliography contains literature on his life and work - books, articles, archival materials, non-book publications, letters and other materials. Vardges Surenyants was born is Akhaltsikhe. The editor of the book, prose writer, publicist Davit Sargsyan mentioned: "Surenyants was created and shaped our historiography with a brush. And the published book is a comprehensive information database of a man, an artist, an intellectual, a cultural figure Vardges Surenyants”. The event was attended by the representatives of the "Support to Javakhk" foundation, headed by the chairman of the foundation's board of trustees, businessman, philanthropist Sos Sahakyan. Mr. Sahakyan recalled the installation of a sign on the wall of his father's house in Akhaltsikhe, Vardges Surenyants's hometown, and presented the programs already implemented and planned in the near future by the "Support to Javakhk" foundation in Akhaltsikhe. Simultaneously with the presentation of the book, an exclusive exhibition of literature և album editions was opened in the exhibition hall of the National Library of Armenia.

“Support to Javakhk Foundation’s” benefactor Razmik Blikyan

On the initiative of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises, the educational program for the introduction of "Armat" engineering laboratories has been implemented since 2011. The Armenian model of technological education is already being exported abroad. According to the latest data, 16,000 children receive free engineering education in 600 "Armat" engineering laboratories in Armenia, also in Artsakh, in Georgia and in India. Thanks to the efforts of the "Support to Javakhk" Foundation և individual benefactors, there are already nine "Armat" engineering laboratories in Javakhk, the number of which is growing. Just a few days ago, in the Tsalka region of Georgia's Kvemo Kartli region, in the village of Ozni or Hinia, 30 km west of Tsalka,  began working a new Armat Center with the financial support of philanthropist Razmik Blikyan. In "Armat" engineering laboratories, beautifully furnished and equipped with modern technical means, children aged 10-18 will study the secrets of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through interactive extracurricular courses, interesting competitions, camps, will have the opportunity to create and initiate. The "Armat" center established by Razmik Blikyan in his birthplace, Ozni, will gladly provide its services to the children and teenagers of the villages around Ghushchi, Ghzlkilisa (Karmravank), Burnashet, Ayazma, Nardevan, located around the village. It is a holiday in Ozni, Ghushchi, Ghzlkilisa, Burnashet, Ayazma, Nardevan villages... Let the Armenian child be smart, live in a peaceful world, learn and build the homeland… We are grateful… The already existing results of the "Armat" program are as follows. Project participants:
  • 84% have been admitted to a higher education institution.
  • 39% work and study.
  • 45% of those employed are involved in the field of programming, 29% in other fields of information technology, many perform engineering and technical work.
  • 12% of employers have started startups with their ideas.
  • The salaries of the employees range from 50 to 300 thousand AMD, making an average of 132,561 AMD.
The results-facts are so satisfying and telling that the "Armat" program will continue to operate, expanding in scale. The activity of benefactor Razmik Blikyan has a long history He has lived in the Russian Federation since he was 16 years old. Studied at GV Plekhanov University of Economics. Studied at the Russian Presidential Academy. At the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, he received an invitation to continue his postgraduate studies with honors. Razmik Blikyan has a "Candidate of Economic Sciences" degree. He received a degree in Business Management in the Skolkovo Innovative Scientific Center in Moscow. Razmik Blikyan worked tirelessly and with love, investing and founding for Armenians. The current fruits of his constant patriotic activity are:
  • Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church was built in Vladimir, where a priest was transferred from Armenia to serve. The Armenian Church awarded the "Razmik Miasnik Blikyan" family with the highest order of honor "St. Gregory the Illuminator", which is awarded by the Holy Epistle of the Catholicos of All Armenians in commemoration of the great beneficences rendered to the Armenian Church, the Armenian people and the world of Armenia.
  • Permanent assistance to Artsakh in material and military-technical form.
  • Supported in 2008 The program "700 Weddings in Artsakh" organized by the benefactor Leon Hayrapetyan in the historical Gandzasar in ancient Shushi, near Stepanakert, the capital of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, on October 16. The beautiful condition voiced by R. Blikian, "The first of the newlyweds, who will have 3 children, will get an apartment," stimulated the surprisingly rapid growth of the number of children. And the condition, of course, has been met.
  • Construction of cultural monuments
  • Renovation of schools and kindergartens
  • Implementation of numerous educational programs
  • Creating hundreds of jobs in the field of capital construction in these difficult days for Armenia
  • Solving communication problems of gas and water pipes in remote regions
  • Providing enormous material resources during the 44-day Artsakh war
  • In his birthplace, 1830. In the village of Ozni, founded by Armenians who emigrated from Erzurum, where at first there were only nine houses, now has more than a hundred families, about 500 inhabitants
  • Construction of a banquet hall, renovation of St. Gregory the Illuminator Church in the village and secondary school after E. Charents
Razmik Blikyan pursues a nationalist policy with the Support to Javakhk Foundation.
  • He now sponsors the process of resettlement of citizens who arrived in Armenia due to the Russian-Ukrainian war.
  • The Goris-Nakhichevan highway gas pipeline repair project is currently being implemented.
  • Large-scale investment development programs are being implemented: "Broiler poultry complex", "Ramada Resort Spa Hotel", "Hotel-resort complex", "Logistics center", "Intensive parks"…
P.S. I really like the "straight look, straight word" of the people of Javakhk attribute to which one is added, "As if they are looking for each other" I am like that myself. And I will explain now. Everywhere, on the street, in the store, on the subway, on the bus, if I hear a word, not even addressed to him, that he betrays him even a little, I quickly ask: "Are you from Javakhk?" And introduce ourselves just as quickly. We quickly tell each other about ourselves, try to find common acquaintances, pass on new information. It is very nice. "Seek and find each other." It is already a delicate part of the character of every Javakhk citizen, who will definitely live. Another crucial moment happened to me this year, on January 12, in a locked room, sitting at a large desk. A conversation with Razmik Blikyan, which passed so lightly and easily that it became a conversation with relatives. the same land and water, the same mindset, the same pain and love, the same expectation and faith. Razmik Miasnik Blikyan։ A person who is from Javakhk, lived and lives far away, but is in his birthplace with a mind, with a heartfelt word born of that thought, who is there with an initiative that will definitely become a business, who is there with far-reaching plans․ Far-reaching programs! far in scale, in time, in expected results, definitely in longevity. Far-reaching programs! "Jobs", "Economic growth", "Raising living standards", "Prosperity of the Motherland".

Equipped 2021 year, and new and interesting programs in the future “Support to Javakhk” summed up last year

TAT_8165-min+The "Support to Javakhk" Foundation, which has been operating since 2014, has already managed to implement numerous educational, cultural, social, economic, health and sports programs in Javakhk. The number of those programs and their users is increasing year by year. The activities of the foundation were full in 2021. 216327747_2888156404835052_4819448883741151020_nLast year, the number of 4 "ArMat" laboratories, operated by the benefactors of "Support to Javakhk" foundation and UITE benefactors, reached 8, where about 500 children now receive free engineering education. 4 were added to the number of existing ArMats․ In the village of Tsghaltbila in the Akhaltsikhe region, in the town of Ninotsminda, in the villages of Olaverd and Bezhano in the Akhalkalaki region. Establishment of "ArMat" centers in Javakhk would not have been possible without the financial support and cooperation of individual benefactors, partner organizations, said the executive director of "Support to Javakhk" foundation Samvel Mkoyan, and added that the establishment of two "ArMat" centers in Javakhk is planned in the near future. 217394057_2945180709133635_2428620044602793789_nAccording to Sos Sahakyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the "Support to Javakhk" foundation, the opening of another "ArMat" center in Javakhk is of great and important importance. "We have great expectations from the children attending the center. They must master science and technology in order to present themselves to the world in a proper way. I’m convinced that the children studying in ArMat should have a great contribution to the honorable deeds of economic development of Georgia and representation of Javakhk," Mr. Sahakyan said”. 194751One of the biggest and most discussed projects of last year was the restoration and opening of the exhibition hall of Vahan Teryan's house-museum in the poet's native village of Gandza. The restored exhibition hall of the house-museum stands out with rich and beautiful design solutions, a three-layer exhibition, as it is equipped with innovations specific to the 21st century. The newly opened exhibition hall in Gandza changes the mood, and there Teryan is presented to all of us in a new way. Even those who love and know the poet's art will meet and discover a new Teryan there to some extent. Teryan also comes to life in the exhibition hall through the ARLOOPA application. 229874874_434165724383010_4623346209228607077_nRA Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Arayik Khzmalyan was also present at the opening ceremony.  He mentioned that he is very happy that such an attractive cultural environment has been created in Gandza. "In the 21st century, it is very important that any information about history, literature, in general, be passed on to teenagers and children in a modern way. "As much as culture is important, it is just as important to present that culture in an interesting way," said the deputy minister, adding that Armenia has successful experiments with educational and cultural programs, which will most likely be implemented soon in the newly opened exhibition hall”. 194737The newly opened exhibition hall has already impressed many with its design and creative solutions. And "Support to Javakhk" foundation will consistently carry out the complete restoration of the house-museum, which was in a deplorable condition.  Now the preparatory works for the restoration of the memorial part of the house-museum have started.   240939234_1753648698160278_6293974093778338934_n In August of last year, "Support to Javakhk" foundation, together with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, held a three-day photo campaign in Javakhk entitled "Discover Javakhk". For three days, Armenian-Georgian photographers from Armenia, the Diaspora and Javakhk visited the most beautiful and hidden corners of Javakhk, visited Javakhk villages and towns, places of interest, cultural monuments, got acquainted with the life, manners and everyday life of the villages, their feelings and impressions. The photo campaign was followed by an exhibition of photos of the same name, which took place in the AGBU Yerevan Hall from November 1 to 10. TAT_1930Sos Sahakyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the ""Support to Javakhk" foundation, said “"Support to Javakhk foundation" has a large package of cultural programs, and the photo exhibition and the photo campaign that preceded it were the next ones. The foundation has set a very high goal , and it was even able to work in the conditions of the coronavirus, to implement different programs even more effectively in Javakhk. The exhibition was very important in terms of presenting different spheres of Javakhk life. The exhibition showed the views, work, faith and church, home and nature of Javakhk people. And the very few are familiar with the life and traditions of the region, and the  Javakhk is very rich in its nature, traditions and customs, and people. 11 Դամալա - CopyLast year, throughout the year in 5 regions of Javakhk (Akhalkalaki, Akhaltsikhe, Ninotsminda, Aspindza, Tsalka) the program "Support to Javakhk" was implemented, within the framework of which 15,000 families in more than 120 villages and cities received European high-quality clothes (jackets, etc.). The beneficiaries of the program were the socially vulnerable, the disabled, the orphans and others. In addition to the major major programs, a number of scientific, educational, youth, cultural and social programs were implemented during the year (Assistance to Javakhk advanced students in the form of tuition, organization of trainings and courses in Javakhk, meetings and discussions in the advanced culture, science, IT sphere with specialists and etc.). Sos Sahakyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the "Support to Javakhk", is pleased to note that this year also will be full of various programs and new projects. He said: "Our programs and activities would not be possible without the financial contributions of the members of the board of trustees of the foundation. Behind every project implemented by "Support to Javakhk", there are both our partners and benefactors, who, realizing the importance of programs aimed at the development of Javakhk, make large investments to establish, restore cultural and educational centers, museums, implement socio-economic programs, etc. in different parts of Javakhk. On behalf of the entire staff of JAH, I would like to thank all our benefactors. And the people who are compassionate can go to the following link: և to have their contribution in the development and strengthening of Javakhk. "

One more charity from the “Support to Javakhk Foundation” benefactor

Within the framework of Newmag Winter Fest, the publishing house have presented the Armenian translations of Narine Abgaryan's books "Manyunyan writes the fantasy novel" and "Drsek". Translations of both books became a reality under the sponsored  of the Yerevan Chocolate Factory - @mark_sevouni_official . Founder of the Yerevan Chocolate Factory, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the "Support to Javakhk" Foundation, benefactor Sos Sahakyan during the book presentation, answering the journalist's question why he financed the translations of Narine Abgaryan's books, mentioned that following to Narine Abgaryan's activities and literary path, watching his interviews, he found many similarities.  - "I have found serious similarities between Narine Abgaryan and me. Narine Abgaryan continues to love Armenia and Tavush by emigrating and establishing herself in a foreign country, the material of his literature is Armenian and Armenia with its people and way of life. And I being a businessman in Armenia, I continue to love and miss my native Javakhk. I fulfill my longing by implementing various charitable programs in my native Javakhk”.

“Support to Javakhk Foundation” was in Ninotsminda within the framework of “Support to the People of Javakhk” program

On December 15 and 16 "Support to Javakhk" Foundation was in Ninotsminda within the framework of "Support to the People of Javakhk" program. The beneficiaries of the program - socially insecure families, people with disabilities and orphans received appropriate support - high-quality French coats, vests, etc. On December 21-23, the program will be implemented in Akhalkalaki, at the office of "Support to Javakhk Foundation" (in Tsereteli 34). It should be reminded that the "Support to Javakhk" Foundation together with the Armenian General Benevolent Union implements the "Support to the People of Javakhk" program, within the framework of which high-quality French items are distributed in Javakhk.

Electronic fundraising “Javakhk Believes in New Year Miracles”

It is very important for each person to contribute to the development of their homeland. And what can you do by making a donation starting from 100 drams?
  • You can bring the dream of a child living in a remote village of Javakhk studying in "ArMat" closer to reality.
  • You can persuade a socially disadvantaged elderly person to believe in the magic and miracles of the holiday.
  • You can give a young man the opportunity to stay in his own village, and build his future and dreams there.
  • You can contribute to the construction of houses-museums of famous, the revitalization of cultural life and the formation of a proper attitude towards our elders.
  • You can make people have warm, beautiful and memorable moments in the coldest winter.
Make a donation so that the children can continue to dream, believe in dreams and miracles. And miracles, of course, happen, especially on New Year. You can make a donation by clicking the DONATE.  

The three-day program titled “Bridge of dialogue between the youth of Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk and Armenian Diaspora”

On November 5-7, a three-day program called "Bridge of dialogue between the youth of Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk and Armenian Diaspora" organized by the "Support for Javakhk" Foundation and the Diaspora Armenian Students' Council took place in Tsakhkadzor. The goal of the program is to build a bridge of dialogue between the youth of Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk and Diaspora, to promote the strengthening of Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora-Javakhk ties. By uniting the Armenian youth around a general goal, to use their opportunities for the development of Armenia-Diaspora relations, to promote the integration of the Armenian youth of the Diaspora into the Armenian environment. Young people participated in interactive courses on different topics: folk songs and dances, negotiations, SMM and PR tools, leadership, etc. The courses were conducted with practical exercises and discussions. At the end of the program, participants were awarded certificates. It should be noted that the program was realized with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia (RA MօESCS).